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Thank You For The Scar


ecririons_post4I am cold, wet and dripping from recent shower, as I stand here, looking at myself in the foggy mirror.

I feel the lust to take a good look at myself, glaze and view my scars from over the years.

These scars are not the ones under my chain or the long one on my right leg, they are ones I can see in my eyes.

The ones none visible to the naked eye, yet the ones that run deepest and left the most damage.

However theses scars should not be hidden in shame, after all they are the ones that makes me who I am.

As I stand here looking at these scars I think about the people who caused them, not with hate but with a desire to thank.

I think about the friend from the dark ages who sparked a lust but created a nightmare, she was the first and the hardest fall.

I wish to thank her for destroying me, only for me to be rebuilt with a greater and wider vision.

I will never forget the girl who had me chasing her on and off for so long, that even we can’t quite agree on how the story goes.

I want to thank her for teaching me a lesson on behavior and let her know, she has an eternity place in my heart.

Someday I’ll raise a glass to the golden, yet crazy butterfly for giving me a great time as long as it lasted.

I will thank the butterfly for showing me good from bad and letting me move on.

I must not forget the many flowers I passed by before I found the right one, each and every gave me a new advice to live by.

If I ever met one of them again, I’ll shake their hand and say my thanks for preparing me for the one that counts.

I hope one day I will meet the black sheep again under different terms in a different time, until then I will always have what she said to thing about.

I would like to thank her for giving me insight in what to judge on and when to back off, may all luck be with her.

As I stand here dry and cozy, I think about all the others that I never addressed but know they have my thanks too.

Thank you for these scars.

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Erica’s Surprise : Craig and Erica Part 4

Erica's Surprise: Craig and Erica Serial Part 4 from Sage L Mattison

She glanced at the clock again, butterflies in her stomach as she waited for Craig to come home from his meeting. The smile hadn’t left her face since her first glimpse of him as he descended the plane last week. His skin was tanned and rough, his hair cut short but the second his eyes glanced up and found hers, she was gone. They were supposed to stay in their seats until all the men had debordered but she couldn’t help it. His lips ticked up in a smile, his dimples showing in his cheeks and her own smile matched his.

She had jumped from her seat and ignored the yelling of his head officer as she ran full speed toward Craig. He made it to the bottom of the stairs just as she reached him. She dove into his arms, wrapping her legs around his powerful waist and didn’t let go.

All her friends thought she was crazy for staying with him through his deployment. “You aren’t married, you aren’t even engaged! You can find someone closer.” Maggie, her BFF had told her countless times while Craig was gone. Maggie didn’t understand. Erica couldn’t be with anyone else because her heart and soul were connected to Craig and always would be.

Erica lit the candles on the mantle, her eyes darting to the clock again. Only 2 minutes has passed since she last checked. She set down the lighter and glanced around the living room. After Craig had left that afternoon, Erica decided to wine and dine him when he got home. They had barely spent any time out of bed since he got home last week, but she wanted to show him how much he truly meant to her.

So she set up a picnic in their living room, complete with candles on all the hard surfaces, a fire in the fireplace (despite it being June) and her in sexy red lingerie. Her heart leapt in her chest when she heard the keys in the door. She shifted to face the front hall, fluffing her hair one last time, a smile breaking out on her face again.

“Erica! I’m home.” Craig’s smooth voice washed over her as he entered the hall. She heard him take off his shoes and set down his keys before he walked toward her. His tall frame filled the entry way, pausing to take in the sight of her creations. “Baby girl, this looks amazing.” His voice was adoring and husky already.

“I thought we could have a picnic.” She said and gestured to the floor. He took two long strides and was suddenly in front of her, his chest pressed against hers as he cupped her cheek.

“I think that’s a great idea. Are you on the menu?” He asked and didn’t wait for a reply before he was kissing her. His lips pressing hard, bruising against her own and she was powerless to stop him. Erica moaned into him, her lips parting for his tongue as he growled in response. His strong arm wrapped around her, cupping her bottom and lifting her clear off the floor.

Erica giggled, wrapping her hands around his neck for support as he took a step and then knelt, keeping her safe in his arms as he slowly deposited her on the picnic blanket.

“I was supposed to be for dessert.” Erica scolded with a giggle.

“I like to have my dessert first.” Craig joked, a glint in his eye. His body covered hers, his eyes devoured her form. She knew her breasts were heaving, straining against the red fabric, her panties were soaked and she trembled beneath him.

Craig was quiet as he traced his finger from her cheek, down her neck and collar bone. He followed her curves, moving slowly and gently across her breasts and stomach, down her thighs and then back up the other side. There was something in his eyes that Erica couldn’t place. She thought she saw a flash of sadness as he studied her.

“Craig?” She asked quietly, his eyes darting to hers and as quick as she saw it, the sadness was gone. Replaced with an aching desire that she knew was reflected back from her own brown irises.

“Yes, baby girl?” He asked, a smile in his voice.

“I love you.” She whispered, her voice catching as she looked at the man who had been her everything for so long, she knew she would be lost without him. Craig bent and captured her lips again, slow and passionate this time. His tongue swiping against hers, his teeth nibbled as he gripped her hip with one hand and stroked her hair with the other.

“You are my everything, Erica.” He whispered back as his lips moved down her law line to her neck.

Craig’s Decision: Craig and Erica Part 3

Craig’s Decision: Craig and Erica Part 3 by Sage L Mattison at Écririons

Craig gazed at the picture of Erica on his phone he had snapped the night before. They had been on the couch, sharing ice cream and watching The Late Show. Erica wore one of his navy colored Marine shirts, the neck hole large and hanging off one shoulder. Her brown hair was tousled in a just-fucked look (because she was). Her head was thrown back, her neck exposed as she laughed at something he had said. Craig had snapped the shot fast and it was instantly his favorite, he set it as his phone’s wallpaper despite Erica’s protests.

Now, as he sat in his truck outside the office of his Colonel, he gazed at the shot. His heart clenched with love and fear, his dick lengthening of it’s own accord at the sight of his girl.

A rapping on his window brought Craig out of his reverie and he startled, turning to look at his buddy, Mike through the glass. With a heavy sigh, Craig climbed out of his truck, tucking his phone away and running a hand through his still too short for any movement hair.

“How’s the girl?” Mike asked as he led the way to the office.

Erica is fantastic. How are all your girls?” Craig replied smugly, teasing his friend.

“Different one every night.” Mike joked as he wiggled his eyebrows and Craig chuckled in reply, shaking his head.

As they nodded to the secretary and passed by her, taking the long hallway to the back office, Mike turned more serious. “So, have you made a decision?”

“Yes.” Craig said with confidence and didn’t explain despite Mike’s inquisitive gaze. Mike knocked twice on the Colonel’s door and strode in without waiting.

“Gentlemen, have a seat.” The dark man behind the desk gestured them to to sit in the two hard wood chairs before him. Colonel Bays had become a father figure to most of their unit. He was tough as shit when he needed to be, but wasn’t against sitting and having a drink and unwinding when they needed that as well. Mike and Craig were the top ranking officers just below Colonel Bays in their unit. Craig had been in charge of the medical staff as a doctor and Mike had been in charge of the new grunts.

“Thanks for coming in today, I know you’re both enjoying some time off in the civilian world.” Colonel Bays started, coming to lean against the front of his desk. He glanced between the two before settling his dark gaze on Craig as he spoke, “You both know why you’re here. You two are the best Lieutenant Colonel’s I’ve ever had and I want you back. I need you both on my team, you’re the best at what you do, at staying organized and keeping the boys in line. Have you made your decision?”

“I’m in.” Mike said with a shrug and surety that made Craig’s gut tighten.

Mike and Colonel Bays both turned to look at Craig and he sighed, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees.

“How long is the deployment?”

“If you sign back on, it’ll be for 4 years and you’ll see about 2 years of deployment in that time.” The Colonel answered.

“Come on man, we need you to make the team work.” Mike pressured him to answer.

Craig groaned, rubbing his head again as he muttered to himself, “Erica is going to fucking kill me.” He sat back up and looked Colonel Bays in the eyes, “I’m in.”

(photo in header credit: Freezing Time by Leo Hidalgo)

(ps: I don’t know a lot about the army so please accept any creative license taken in this series.)

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