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If Today Was My Last Day



If Today Was My Last Day

If today was my last day on this earth and all bets were off.

I wouldn’t waste a single minute but neither would I want to rush it all till the end were my heart stops beating.

I would see my family and thank them for every little thing I forgot to appreciate in the normal stressful days.

I would call up my circle of friends and have one last drink with them on my treat, I would let the silence do the talking.

I would seek out old lovers and foes, tell them all the things I never got to say and hope we could find some peace.

I would write one last song and hope for a bestseller like I always dreamed of, never mind those couldn’t believe.

I would try to find some closure in it all, predict and chant one last meaningful quote for my legacy to hold.

If I was out of hours and out of chances, if only one last try remained.

I would take my girl and take her for one last dance under the blankets, tell her that she was the one and only for me.

I would tell my girl to never forget me but never to forget to live her life, because in the end that’s all we have.

I would write one last letter with the intention of thanking all the people who I have had the pleasure of in my life.

I would raise a glass to the sky and toast to the fallen people who I would soon be joining in some place new.

At the end of the day I would tell them all to go home, let my girl stay and watch the sun go down together one last time.

I would say my goodbyes and ask her to leave me be, I would sit with my throughs and think back while waiting for death to take my hand.

I would do it all of this if today was my last day, I wonder what you would do? If today was your last day?

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Thank You For The Scar


ecririons_post4I am cold, wet and dripping from recent shower, as I stand here, looking at myself in the foggy mirror.

I feel the lust to take a good look at myself, glaze and view my scars from over the years.

These scars are not the ones under my chain or the long one on my right leg, they are ones I can see in my eyes.

The ones none visible to the naked eye, yet the ones that run deepest and left the most damage.

However theses scars should not be hidden in shame, after all they are the ones that makes me who I am.

As I stand here looking at these scars I think about the people who caused them, not with hate but with a desire to thank.

I think about the friend from the dark ages who sparked a lust but created a nightmare, she was the first and the hardest fall.

I wish to thank her for destroying me, only for me to be rebuilt with a greater and wider vision.

I will never forget the girl who had me chasing her on and off for so long, that even we can’t quite agree on how the story goes.

I want to thank her for teaching me a lesson on behavior and let her know, she has an eternity place in my heart.

Someday I’ll raise a glass to the golden, yet crazy butterfly for giving me a great time as long as it lasted.

I will thank the butterfly for showing me good from bad and letting me move on.

I must not forget the many flowers I passed by before I found the right one, each and every gave me a new advice to live by.

If I ever met one of them again, I’ll shake their hand and say my thanks for preparing me for the one that counts.

I hope one day I will meet the black sheep again under different terms in a different time, until then I will always have what she said to thing about.

I would like to thank her for giving me insight in what to judge on and when to back off, may all luck be with her.

As I stand here dry and cozy, I think about all the others that I never addressed but know they have my thanks too.

Thank you for these scars.

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Crazy Stupid Love By J. Bjerre



Once there was a young boy who just wanted to be taken seriously.

He knew this girl and feeling felt for her but she already gone and caught feelings for someone.

Someone else with their own feelings caught in a completely chaotic mess.

They all chasing something and they don’t entirely know why.

But ain’t we all chasing that someone?

Because of this damn love.

It got us all mixed up.

It got us all looking like a fool.

It got us all going crazy for reasons we quite don’t understand.

All because of that crazy love.

Teen girl on her way to becoming a woman, got herself stuck in classic love roulette.

The man she loves, loves someone else and both fight everyday for that special one.

But she’s isn’t it for him, that she knows but I bet it still hurts like a son of a gun.

She still wonders why things went as they went instead of something else.

But don’t ask ourselves that?

Because of this damn love.

It got us all going in circles.

It got us all hung up and blinded.

It got us all doing stupid things we regret and we will do all it.

All because of that stupid love.

A lovely couple which had their magic starting to fade for mistake they both regret.

Picture perfect love story would become a bitter fight for air for both of they.

In the end neither of them never stopped loving so why were “we” so close to be an “I”.

Once the figure out their mayhem, they can wonder what happened.

But I guess we all wonder that sometimes.

Because of this damn love.

It got us all going mad.

It got us all on our knees.

It got us all forgetting everything else than what we see.

All because of that.




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We Are All Running From Something



I saw her once again today. At the same place, almost as if she had been waiting for me. It felt like she had been appearing more often than usual lately, almost as if to let know not to forget. Sometimes when I hadn’t seen her for a while, her younger sister with a striking resemblance would show up. Almost as if to prepare me to see her face yet again. I thought I made my peace with her back whenever, but how many times have I not been thinking that being wrong. Wrong I must have been, because when my eyes met her face once again. My body froze and my heart started beating like it was on fire. The uprising through of confronting her with standard human conversation crossed my mind. I quickly shake my head rid of the idea and turn the other way. Thinking this was a sign of moving on or some form of acceptance. However as I walked away I started to feel the cold sweet on my back, the slight disorder in my chest and finding breathing for air harder. The millions thoughts, relived memories and what ifs, started to run away with my mind. Suddenly it felt like the heat had risen, I tell myself it’s nothing. I looked back and found her still standing a little down the road behind me, even though I had made a twist and a turn. Just like always. Almost as if my past was still following me. I fled to the inside of a store to be hidden and to escape. That’s where I realized that I don’t turn my head to her because I had moved on. I turned my head because I was afraid, I turned my head so I could run away. In that moment, I learned something. I learned that we are all running from something, whether it’s the past, someone or something.

We all have something we’re trying to escape.

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The Life That Is – Chapter 1 – Beginnings


Born I was under god’s ordinary Monday stars completely unaware of the challenges and hash times the people above had already planned out for me, long before anyone knew there was going to be a me.

Newly brewed farther and mother holds their first-born tight and lightly forgets about the sweet and blood spilled to get there, a little breathing space before life once again stood by the door knocking with its other complains.

A child befriending the moonlight while crying for help without understanding the concept of the pain he felt, plagued by sickness  and other shadowy creatures of the mind, crawling around in the night.

The knot was to be tied and offered a little window into happiness and let them all put their problems on the shelf for a night of joyful laugher and friends gathered around to raise a glass in the name of love.

Memories of that time, now float around the room as I tell a tale that was never really told the way I am tonight going to be telling it, now trouble that keeps us awake at night is whole another monster, carefully hidden away under the bed.

A friend and companion to this traveling down the bulky old road people refer to as life was soon to given life to, a sister of blood and flesh as well as friend to my soul, we grow together and helped each other from drowning in our own pool of first world problems .

And as the years quickly went by our windows like a blur of ever-changing dreams and hopes, we learned what could be trusted in life and what was merely a demon in disguise trying to trick us into a pit of struggle.

Life has never been a friendly fellow but it showed my family mercy and spared us of many tears, and now that my heart has been kicked, punched and ripped out through it all, I finally understand the lessons life has been teaching me and I have befriended the unforgiving nature of it.

Life is kind to me and others I wish to protect but wise men once said one person can’t save the entire world I know now that some people can only help themselves and we can only offer our hands to support whenever they fall.

Sometime I can’t help wondering about the real reason we were all put here on this ball of dirt together so far I’m not a clue closer but the thought of a point of it all not existing scares the logical part of my human brain. That none of the choices we make or all the things we say, have no really meaning in the end.

Out through the twists and turns of my short life yet full of things to drive anyone crazy, I found that love was my worst enemy but also my best friend, my history with love is like the eternal battle between yin and yang, black and white, day and night.

My childhood years already had me hooked on love and the thought of being with someone forever and ever but the pain never really hit until the day that the childhood starts to fade and you just see the next stage in the far future yet I was still just a kid.’

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