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She Is Mine

ecririons_post7She Is Mine

You can see it in his eyes.

You can sense it in his words. 

I know what is on his mind when he says “I don’t know what’s wrong”.

You can hear his regret when he says his goodbyes.

Another man fell for her like I did time ago.


Pig, Basted, Son of a gun.

Calling him half-hearted insults won’t gain me much.

I could put myself in his shoes and I should hold no grudge.

But my heart only yields one thing.

She Is Mine.

She Is Mine.

But in the end he is just another man like me


I feel for the man yet I can’t take that his eyes are on my pride.

Call me selfish but the fact she makes someone else’s heart pound makes my feet cramp. 

He should have stayed in the shadows.

He should have been strong and kept it to himself.

He knew ain’t got no right but he did it anyway.


Pig, Basted, Son of a gun.

Calling him half-hearted insults won’t gain me much.

I could put myself in his shoes and I should hold no grudge.

But my heart only yields one thing.

She Is Mine.

She Is Mine.

But in the end he is just another man like me


I saw her first, I loved her first.

I made her laugh and wiped away her tears.

I brought her flowers and sweets, I wrote her kind words.

So what do he think he got that can possibly win her heart?

It doesn’t matter anyway because he ain’t got any chance!


Pig, Basted, Son of a gun.

Calling him half-hearted insults won’t gain me much.

I could put myself in his shoes and I should hold no grudge.

But my heart only yields one thing.

She Is Mine.

She Is Mine.

But in the end he is just another man like me


He is just another man on the same train I traveled on most of my life.

He stands just three stops apart waiting for the same train and wishing for my seat

I know he never meant to go down this road, most certainly don’t. 

Now that we are here anyways let’s get it over with.

Shake each other’s hand, nod our heads and walk away.


Pig, Basted, Son of a gun.

Calling him half-hearted insults won’t gain me much.

I could put myself in his shoes and I should hold no grudge.

But my heart only yields one thing.

She Is Mine.

She Is Mine.

She Is Mine.

But in the end he is just another man like me.

Just another man like me.

Another man like me.

Just another man like me.

The Life That Is – Chapter 3 – The Boy with the Hat

ecririons_post6A little down the road, when my mind was in its right place again and I was ready to start on a fresh. In an ordinary school just like so many others, to me too it ended as so much more. The place I learned who the boy in the mirror really were. The place I grew into something else, something new. To me it is the place where I started to think of all the things I am, instead of the things I’ll never be.

The story starts out small. I was a kid with a hat and big dreams but little knowledge of the world I had been thrown into and the things to come. Tough times lied ahead but with time I earned friends and being safe started to feel a little safer and with those odds there isn’t much that can’t be overcome.

However as it would conveniently show, my old friend and nemesis wouldn’t offer me much of a break before striking down upon me once more. Only this time it hit right where it stings the most. She opened my eyes on a regular Wednesday.

The bell had rung and the classrooms had been abandoned. It had been her turn to have the job of swiping the classrooms floor clean. I was simply late at packing but when I finally stood in the door ready to go home, I suddenly didn’t feel so ready to leave just yet. I looked at her and realized that the ugly duckling from my visit last summer, didn’t quite seem like an ugly duckling no more.  A first move would be made in from of an offering of help with the floors. What seemed like a perfect start on grand love story, but unfortunately she replied “No I’m good”.

What was to follow is a far forgotten story, yet still floating around in the back of our minds along with the myths and what ifs that it created. Once in a while we all stand still for a moment and think back to that time, wondering what actually went down. All I can say is that it was a long walk home.

Although I had lost twice or more to my old nemesis I can’t say I never gained, they do say third time is the charm. One wet windy winter I did finally get that one kiss I had been drying to have for so long. Her hair was black with a strip of blood-red, only a mere glimpse of a burning fire to come. I wouldn’t say nothing good came to us but as humans we tend to only remember the things that hurt, just like the first time you came too close and burned yourself on the fireplace.  In the end her hair and all turned to the unforgettable red and she cut my heart out and stepped on it but there are enough stories about such things to last you till next winter.

They say you never quite forget a true love no matter how small of a high school flirt it might have been. They also say the first one is the one you’ll always hold dear in your mind, for me that was never the case. Sometimes I think to myself why it is like that? I guess that is a question that takes a bigger man than me to answer. Deep inside I know I loved her then, now and always, never quite in the same way but never quite gone either. All because of that crazy stupid thing called love.

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If Today Was My Last Day



If Today Was My Last Day

If today was my last day on this earth and all bets were off.

I wouldn’t waste a single minute but neither would I want to rush it all till the end were my heart stops beating.

I would see my family and thank them for every little thing I forgot to appreciate in the normal stressful days.

I would call up my circle of friends and have one last drink with them on my treat, I would let the silence do the talking.

I would seek out old lovers and foes, tell them all the things I never got to say and hope we could find some peace.

I would write one last song and hope for a bestseller like I always dreamed of, never mind those couldn’t believe.

I would try to find some closure in it all, predict and chant one last meaningful quote for my legacy to hold.

If I was out of hours and out of chances, if only one last try remained.

I would take my girl and take her for one last dance under the blankets, tell her that she was the one and only for me.

I would tell my girl to never forget me but never to forget to live her life, because in the end that’s all we have.

I would write one last letter with the intention of thanking all the people who I have had the pleasure of in my life.

I would raise a glass to the sky and toast to the fallen people who I would soon be joining in some place new.

At the end of the day I would tell them all to go home, let my girl stay and watch the sun go down together one last time.

I would say my goodbyes and ask her to leave me be, I would sit with my throughs and think back while waiting for death to take my hand.

I would do it all of this if today was my last day, I wonder what you would do? If today was your last day?

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The Life That Is – Chapter 2 – The Dark Age



It’s the story that few know the entire of and what in my own special mindset is called the dark chapter, the story that was never written in the hopes of keeping it locked away in the cabinet  and slowly let the world forget about.

In the summer of my fifth grade I saw her standing down the hallway in the classroom room across from mine and that day I lost all my good sense and forgot what logic was good for, it was the day someone from above decided to give me a taste of love’s true powerful magic.

She offered me friendship and a good time, little did she know that I was cursed by the ground pounding effects of love and nothing could have prepared any of us for the hard times to come.

A stranger became a friend, a friend became a dream and the dream became a nightmare that ate away at so many of my nights, but I was merely on the bridge to hell and the pain was just a taste of what many others had to feel.

As time went by and I kept going down the hellish path, I soon found myself in a tunnel of complete darkness without any exits in sight and where no one could hear my screams.

I filled my family and friends days with hateful words spoken by the beast that had consumed me and I was deaf to the help which they tried to offer me, soon I stood all alone in this madness.

I had pushed everyone still willing to try and pull me out of it away and in the end, hope of salvation was beginning to fade before my eyes.

It made me feel like I was just a few falls away before I would hit the bottom of the hole where hell would be a vacation and death is freedom.

In the end I was dragged to the luck maker’s office and the doctor would lay a hand on my shoulder, give me a speech that to what was left of my mind sounded like false truths, when they give up on getting any light through to me. I was handed a glass and a lucky pill

Pumped full of joy pills, I fought every day with fake happiness and a faith sense of hope shining through the almost closed door leading back to a normal life.

At last I survived and came out of it, reborn with a new look on the world around me. Finally awoken from what had felt like an endless coma of suffering and meaningless crying.  Now everything from that time feels only like a fading memory from a different time and different place with different people.

And that concludes what is now known as the Dark Age

The Life That Is – Chapter 1 – Beginnings


Born I was under god’s ordinary Monday stars completely unaware of the challenges and hash times the people above had already planned out for me, long before anyone knew there was going to be a me.

Newly brewed farther and mother holds their first-born tight and lightly forgets about the sweet and blood spilled to get there, a little breathing space before life once again stood by the door knocking with its other complains.

A child befriending the moonlight while crying for help without understanding the concept of the pain he felt, plagued by sickness  and other shadowy creatures of the mind, crawling around in the night.

The knot was to be tied and offered a little window into happiness and let them all put their problems on the shelf for a night of joyful laugher and friends gathered around to raise a glass in the name of love.

Memories of that time, now float around the room as I tell a tale that was never really told the way I am tonight going to be telling it, now trouble that keeps us awake at night is whole another monster, carefully hidden away under the bed.

A friend and companion to this traveling down the bulky old road people refer to as life was soon to given life to, a sister of blood and flesh as well as friend to my soul, we grow together and helped each other from drowning in our own pool of first world problems .

And as the years quickly went by our windows like a blur of ever-changing dreams and hopes, we learned what could be trusted in life and what was merely a demon in disguise trying to trick us into a pit of struggle.

Life has never been a friendly fellow but it showed my family mercy and spared us of many tears, and now that my heart has been kicked, punched and ripped out through it all, I finally understand the lessons life has been teaching me and I have befriended the unforgiving nature of it.

Life is kind to me and others I wish to protect but wise men once said one person can’t save the entire world I know now that some people can only help themselves and we can only offer our hands to support whenever they fall.

Sometime I can’t help wondering about the real reason we were all put here on this ball of dirt together so far I’m not a clue closer but the thought of a point of it all not existing scares the logical part of my human brain. That none of the choices we make or all the things we say, have no really meaning in the end.

Out through the twists and turns of my short life yet full of things to drive anyone crazy, I found that love was my worst enemy but also my best friend, my history with love is like the eternal battle between yin and yang, black and white, day and night.

My childhood years already had me hooked on love and the thought of being with someone forever and ever but the pain never really hit until the day that the childhood starts to fade and you just see the next stage in the far future yet I was still just a kid.’

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