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Crazy Stupid Love By J. Bjerre



Once there was a young boy who just wanted to be taken seriously.

He knew this girl and feeling felt for her but she already gone and caught feelings for someone.

Someone else with their own feelings caught in a completely chaotic mess.

They all chasing something and they don’t entirely know why.

But ain’t we all chasing that someone?

Because of this damn love.

It got us all mixed up.

It got us all looking like a fool.

It got us all going crazy for reasons we quite don’t understand.

All because of that crazy love.

Teen girl on her way to becoming a woman, got herself stuck in classic love roulette.

The man she loves, loves someone else and both fight everyday for that special one.

But she’s isn’t it for him, that she knows but I bet it still hurts like a son of a gun.

She still wonders why things went as they went instead of something else.

But don’t ask ourselves that?

Because of this damn love.

It got us all going in circles.

It got us all hung up and blinded.

It got us all doing stupid things we regret and we will do all it.

All because of that stupid love.

A lovely couple which had their magic starting to fade for mistake they both regret.

Picture perfect love story would become a bitter fight for air for both of they.

In the end neither of them never stopped loving so why were “we” so close to be an “I”.

Once the figure out their mayhem, they can wonder what happened.

But I guess we all wonder that sometimes.

Because of this damn love.

It got us all going mad.

It got us all on our knees.

It got us all forgetting everything else than what we see.

All because of that.




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We Are All Running From Something



I saw her once again today. At the same place, almost as if she had been waiting for me. It felt like she had been appearing more often than usual lately, almost as if to let know not to forget. Sometimes when I hadn’t seen her for a while, her younger sister with a striking resemblance would show up. Almost as if to prepare me to see her face yet again. I thought I made my peace with her back whenever, but how many times have I not been thinking that being wrong. Wrong I must have been, because when my eyes met her face once again. My body froze and my heart started beating like it was on fire. The uprising through of confronting her with standard human conversation crossed my mind. I quickly shake my head rid of the idea and turn the other way. Thinking this was a sign of moving on or some form of acceptance. However as I walked away I started to feel the cold sweet on my back, the slight disorder in my chest and finding breathing for air harder. The millions thoughts, relived memories and what ifs, started to run away with my mind. Suddenly it felt like the heat had risen, I tell myself it’s nothing. I looked back and found her still standing a little down the road behind me, even though I had made a twist and a turn. Just like always. Almost as if my past was still following me. I fled to the inside of a store to be hidden and to escape. That’s where I realized that I don’t turn my head to her because I had moved on. I turned my head because I was afraid, I turned my head so I could run away. In that moment, I learned something. I learned that we are all running from something, whether it’s the past, someone or something.

We all have something we’re trying to escape.

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Inspiration & Connection Writing Prompt #2

Weekly Writing Prompt Link Up at Écririons

Welcome to the Weekly Inspiration and Connection Writing Prompt Link Up here at Écririons!

Each Monday, I’ll be posting a writing prompt. It might come as an image, a song, a question, a piece of dialogue, a word or an idea.

The purpose of this weekly writing prompt challenge is to get you writing, to get you trying new things as well as connecting you with other writers and readers. You can find the full rules here.

Here’s a quick run down:
Use the given prompt to create a new, original creation. It can be a story, a poem, a song, a dance etc
Share it on your own site and be sure to include the Écririons banner by copying the following code and paste it into your html/text editor (replace the brackets with < and >)
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On Sunday night, one of our editors/authors at Écririon will go through the linked up posts and pick our top 3 and feature them in the new post the next day.

Featured Entries from Week 1:

A poem from J.Bjerre

Week 2 Prompt:

Write about meeting someone on an airplane and a conversation you might have.

(after sharing what you’ve written on your own blog, be sure to add a link below to the DIRECT post.)

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