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5 Key Components of Book Marketing

Writing a book is a big deal! You spend hours and hours working on this brainchild of yours and when you’re done, you have a completed book that people all over the world can read. It is a really fulfilling accomplishment. But when you are done writing, you may find yourself asking, “Now what?” How do you get people to read your book? Book marketing can seem like a hard task to take on if you don’t know all of the steps involved. Book marketing is very hands on and it is a process that can make or break your book’s success. 5 key components of book marketingThe best part is it only consists of 5 key components and once you master them, book marketing becomes a piece of cake.
1. A business plan. You may be writing books, but a business plan is just as important as when running a traditional business. Essentially, you are the business. Put your plans down on paper. How many books are you going to write? How often will they get published? This is where you determine out any and all critical information, especially your budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend on various costs, from writing to marketing, on each book. Putting your plans down on paper will give you a firm foundation from which to start your book marketing efforts.
2. Excellent product. Your final product consists not only of your written book, but also of the cover, synopsis, binding, and much more. Your final product is what you will present to your readers. You want this to be amazing. You wish to grab the attention of everyone who looks at your books. Keep that in mind as you design the supplemental items for your book. Consider using beta readers before you completely finish your book and plan to invest in a professional editor. They can help work out any kinks that might come up.
3. Building an author platform. This is essential in book marketing. You want people to be able to recognize your name and this means that you have to get your name out there. Social media is a wonderful tool in promoting your work. Most social media is free and with the right know-how, you can gain a substantial number of followers that you can use to market your book. Social media is more about building relationships that book selling, but when the relationships are developed, sales will follow. Goodreads is an excellent social media type tool for authors during the publishing and marketing process as well.
4. Online properties. This is where you work on any kind of website you might create for yourself or your book. An official website dedicated to your books will increase your overall credibility as an author. A blog on your website will also help with the before mentioned author platform. Consider creating an email list for regular updates on new book launches and other promotions.
5. A kick ass marketing plan. This is where you determine your book’s promotions. In your marketing plan, you need to have everything outlined. You need to set up your book launch, blog tours, online and offline appearances, and marketing maintenance. You want to design promotions for your book that will blow people away! Don’t leave any ground uncovered in your book marketing. Planning it all out ahead of time will save you the headache of not getting all that you want out of your book marketing.

One of the problems facing authors today is that they don’t wish to be in business. They just want to write books. While that’s great, if you need to earn an income from your books, you have to look at being an author as a business.

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