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Keisha Page is a veteran of the digital marketing space and a published author, Keisha writes about the business side of being an author. She provides resources, tips, and insight to help you build your author brand and improve your bottom line.


Recent Posts:

  • The Bare Bones Author Platform: What You Should Work On First

    Let’s face it. Authors are busy creatures. Most of us work full time jobs, and squeeze writing time in while we’re commuting on the train or while the kids are watching Sponge Bob. It’s a thankless type of existence, taking up a lot of time with hope of best-seller status or a […]

  • 5 Key Components of Book Marketing

    Writing a book is a big deal! You spend hours and hours working on this brainchild of yours and when you’re done, you have a completed book that people all over the world can read. It is a really fulfilling accomplishment. But when you are done writing, you may find yourself asking, […]

  • 6 Tips to Help You Break Writer’s Block

    Writer’s block is a pain in the butt. We’ve all been there. As a writer, writer's block is the bane of my existence. We’ve all hit that dead end where nothing we write seems to make sense anymore. Those are the times when watching even the smallest particle of dust flutter past […]

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