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J. Bjerre is an author of young poetry. He wants to live in a world where people are humble, faithful and wear suits. When he’s not studying 3D and Web, you can find him watching a horror with friends.

His recently-released book “J. Bjerre’s 2014 Collection” hit the internet on March 1st 2014.


Recent Posts:

  • She Is Mine

    She Is Mine You can see it in his eyes. You can sense it in his words.  I know what is on his mind when he says “I don’t know what’s wrong”. You can hear his regret when he says his goodbyes. Another man fell for her like I did time ago.   Pig, Basted, [...] The […]

  • The Life That Is – Chapter 3 – The Boy with the Hat

    A little down the road, when my mind was in its right place again and I was ready to start on a fresh. In an ordinary school just like so many others, to me too it ended as so much more. The place I learned who the boy in the mirror really were. The place [...] The post The Life That Is – […]

  • If Today Was My Last Day

      If Today Was My Last Day If today was my last day on this earth and all bets were off. I wouldn't waste a single minute but neither would I want to rush it all till the end were my heart stops beating. I would see my family and thank them for every little [...] The post If Today Was My Last […]

  • Thank You For The Scar

      I am cold, wet and dripping from recent shower, as I stand here, looking at myself in the foggy mirror. I feel the lust to take a good look at myself, glaze and view my scars from over the years. These scars are not the ones under my chain or the long one on my [...] The post Thank You […]

  • Crazy Stupid Love By J. Bjerre

      Once there was a young boy who just wanted to be taken seriously. He knew this girl and feeling felt for her but she already gone and caught feelings for someone. Someone else with their own feelings caught in a completely chaotic mess. They all chasing something and they don't entirely know […]

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